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The Annek Group knows social media and can get your business noticed by your target audience and create open lines of communication directly to your customers and potential customers. If you are confused about social media, not sure exactly where to start, or who to target and how to get immediate return on your investment then
you must call The Annek Group.
~Kelly C. Danko, KCB Designs, Inc.

Simone came to my office and I didn't know what to expect. She and I created a Facebook Page for my Sexual Harassment Law Practice in under an hour and it is sizzling! I am amazed. We then linked message set to go out to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter simultaneously. All in 2 hours. She is the best of the best!!!
~Dennis Niermann

Since you developed the plan, the execution has met or exceeded all expectations. We now have a viable and dynamic social media presence. And though measuring its effectiveness in driving revenues is tricky, we only know for sure that our internet traffic has increased substantially.
I would recommend the Annek Group to any organization that is interested in a cost

effective way to increase exposure, enhance
brand awareness and drive more business
through the internet.

I want to tell you how pleased I am with the Annek Group. We struggled for months to implement a viable social media strategy. Without the resources internally, we struck gold when we crossed paths with your company.
Your professional manner was evident from day one. You were willing to work with our corporate office and our local office to insure that the
most logical route would be taken. And you
have delivered the monthly metrics and reports that you promised.

Simone is not only knowledgeable and dedicated but she's also fun to work with. She has the ability to work with all kinds of people - people with/without tech backgrounds and people who want to be hands on or people who just want their social media managed correctly. There are a lot of people selling internet marketing snake oil, she's certainly not one of them. She runs her
business with integrity and professionalism
which is essential when entrusting someone
with your companies image and brand

         ~M. Selent

Nothing is easy about keeping pace with the ever changing landscape that is social media. Except, that is, the decision to delegate to the professionals at the Annek Group. Simone Cameron has the experience and the passion it takes to ensure you look good to the digital world.
~J. Schermer

Simone and the Annek group are amazing. I see
their work for their clients on LinkedIn and
Facebook. I can tell they were involved because
the information is always helpful and interesting. They really knowtheir clients. Plus they are quick

to respond.

~K. Dise

I referred my clients to Simone - they were so pleased with the service and professionalism they cannot stop thanking me for the introduction.

Simone has done a great job with educating my business in the effectiveness of social media and
the impact has had on my business has been significant in a very competitive industry. Thanks
for the great assistance!

~R. Weiss

Awesome presentation, Simone! There was buzzing around the building after you left.

~ R. Gordon

Simone, Thank you, great presentation, made
sense and not intimidating at all!

Thanks for the presentation today Simone. You were very helpful!!

~Lisa A.